ASUS Perkenalkan Kartu Grafis GT440 Super Alloy Power

Seperti yang dilakukan vendor lain yang berpartner dengan Nvidia, hari ini pabrikan nomor wahid segmen motherboard dan kartu grafis PC yaitu ASUS mengumumkan akan segera merilis kartu grafis paling barunya kelas low-profile yaitu GeForce GT 440.


Keunggulan GeForce GT 440 dari ASUS ini adalah selain hadir dengan sudah terOC, kartu grafis ini juga diberikan sebuah teknologi terbaru yang dinamai Super Alloy Power yang mampu meningkatkan umur kartu lebih lama, meingkatkan 15% kemampuan kartu serta mampu meminimalisir temperatur panasnya.

ASUS GeForce GT 440 memiliki GPU clock 822 MHz (12 MHz lebih tinggi dibanding referensi), 96 CUDA core, dan memory 1 GB GDDR5 @ 3200 MHz dengan interface 128-bit.

Press Release:

Fremont, CA (February 1, 2011) – ASUS, the world’s number #1 motherboard manufacturer and leading innovator in graphics cards, is proud to introduce NVIDIA’s latest GPU, the GT440 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). An instant upgrade over today’s integrated graphics options, the new ASUS GT440 graphics card is ideal for powering today’s media centric PC. The ASUS GT440 offers improved visual quality, reduced processor utilization and hardware accelerated performance for a wide range of online video content, applications and Blu-ray titles.

In addition the ASUS GT440 provides significantly improved gaming experience compared to the latest integrated graphics solutions allowing for an increase in image quality, frame rates and resolution to provide a more immersive gaming experience. Rounding out its full range of functionality is support for NVIDIA PhysX® technology and for NVIDIA 3D Vision™ offering the next level of immersion on the PC with the latest Blu-ray or online HD content.

Product highlights

  • ASUS factory overclocks the GT440 to 822MHz providing better than reference performance out of the box.
  • The ASUS GT440 includes Super Alloy Power technology, featuring a special alloy formula used in power delivery components such as capacitors, chokes and MOSFETs. It instantly lowers average operating temperatures up to 35°C*, extends product lifespan 2.5 times* and improves overall performance up to 15%*. This gives users access to greater overclocking potential, as the GT440 can withstand higher operating temperatures than its reference counterparts.
  • Taking advantage of the improved power delivery system offered by the Super Alloy Power design, ASUS’ exclusive and award winning overvolting technology Voltage Tweak is capable of adjusting and increasing core voltage to improve overclocking scaling that provides superior frame rates in today’s latest games.
  • ASUS continues to lead the industry in protective design measures on graphics cards. The GT440 features protective designs such as our Dust-proof Fan design ensuring up to 25%* longer fan lifespan than generic offerings due to its double-sealed design, which repels dust and other debris to improve cooling and longevity. ASUS GPU Guard doubles the printed circuit board strength through a special reinforced bonding process, helping to protect the card against fracturing and cracking. This can occur due to the rapid temperature changes within today’s PCs. ASUS also implements the class leading Fuse Protection that is a current protection mechanism offering protection against over-current which can damage the GPU, reduce or degrade performance and induce dangerous temperature levels.
  • The GT440 offers full support for HDMI 1.4a, a unified standard for delivering high quality audio and video along with full support and compliance for 3D content. The GT440 offers full hardware acceleration to ensure smooth playback of Blu-ray 3D or other 1080P high-definition content.  High-definition 24-bit multi-channel audio up to 192KHz along with lossless DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio bit-streaming ensures an immersive sound experience.

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